Okay but why do the rexsoka shippers refuse to accept the pedophilia argument?

Of all the things you could possibly argue against.

We’re not hurting anyone by shipping Rexsoka. In my eyes, I like to imagine her and Rex together when she’s older. I really love the idea of having a strong bond and friendship when she’s younger (14) and it blossoms into something else as she ages (17/18—last time I checked, those were legal ages in a lot of places). If you don’t like the ship, that’s fine. Respect the fact that other people do and we’ll respect you.

Just Adding to your post.

I know there is a lot of people that think the same and that its Paedophilia but honestly I haven’t seen that much under age rated stuff from the people that hardcore ship (I have from people who just do it for the sake of it but even so you get that in every fandom, some one is going to do it ship it or not) it in fact as said she is legal age (Over here that is 16 years old). I might be in and out of the fandom a lot but every time I want to look up my favourite ship for clone wars there is always this type of comment surrounding it and some people will find that upsetting and it’s these type of comments that start the good old fandom war’s, Luckily all the Rexsoka’s fan’s I know are lovely people I don’t understand why people want to nit pick at it, sure you don’t like it but other people do so stop trying to cause augments.

Right and why do I like the ship? If you think about it in a story dynamic and how interesting it is to see two characters develop from friendship and relying on each other in battle to something more in the future is an awesome plot and all the underlining subtext for them in the show and the books just makes me really get on board with the ship. 

I also adore that there is this age gap between them that’s really complicated because Rex is in fact younger but he is fully developed both physically and mentally as Ahsoka is still learning and is going though the stages of growing up and having them both learn off each other (and I mean that in a none sexual way) and being a team I really love it. (There is loads of reasons I ship it just not going to list all of them ;p)

But I will add after reading the republic commando books you can see how this type of relationship could progress and my lord they are fantastic books. A Jedi falling in love with a clone trooper is one of my favirote idea’s in the whole fandom so having a book that covers a relationship like that opens your eyes to seeing how much a hurtful ship it is and how Rexsoka can work over time and I state again Over time(I think you guys should read them) forgive any typo’s I am super sleepy today!




I am a J e d i… like my f a t h e r before me.

Han Solo is suave and confident, but surly and cynical. James T. Kirk is charming and idealistic, but burdened by the lonely responsibility of command. Peter Quill dances around alien worlds to songs he’s heard thousands of times and none of it is getting old to him.
Artist: John Williams
Album: Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Track: Across The Stars (Love Theme from Attack of the Clones)
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Across the Stars (The Love Theme from Attack of the Clones) John Williams

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I’m still amazed at the fact that Hondo survived all six seasons of The Clone Wars. He ticked off Count Dooku, Darth Maul, and General Grievous. Evidently, his dear mother taught him well.

Criminal: You can't take us all, Jedi.
Plo Koon: Would you like to try and prove your theory?
Ahsoka looked a little uncomfortable for a moment, then smiled as if she’d
nailed it on with grim determination just to keep their spirits up.
“No, Master, I’m not your assigned Padawan.” She turned to Anakin and
“I’m yours, Master Skywalker.”
The Clone Wars by Karen Traviss. (via aliena-everdeen)


Watch The Clone Wars, they said.  It’s just a fun kids’ show, they said.  Your heart won’t get crushed, they said.

They lied.

[2/2 species] The Togruta were a carnivorous humanoid species from the planet Shili. The species exhibited head-tails which were similar to those of Twi’leks. Togruta were also distinguished by montrals, large hollow horn-like projections from the top of their heads, that gave the species a form of passive echolocation. In order to protect themselves from dangerous predators, and to hunt their own prey, Togruta banded together in tribes and relied on their natural pigmentation to disrupt and confuse slow-witted beasts. Togruta worked well in large groups, and individualism was seen as abnormal within their culture, although it was also a necessary quality in leaders.

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