Head Canon: Sometimes Kema curls Isaku's hair through his fingers before they go to sleep because he finds it comforting.

London Expo - Monjirou Cosplay (Me)

Photo’s taken by the wonderful Chaz X

Nintama cosplay - Isaku zenpouji  - Mcm London Expo

Cosplayer - Me (Chibicloud)  X

Photographer - Chaz (manga-kachazchan) X

Nintama - Zatto and His bb Sonnamon

Nintama - Watercolour doodles: Sonnamon x Kousaka (one of many otps)

I really needed to do something fun after tidying and before work. 

I have a problem for a certain group of ninja O dear’s :P (I think you all know this by now and a shirobei problem ;p there just so much fun to draw I can’t even)

Sonnamon fell asleep in the middle picture lololol bbs god I adore them so much *sobs having feels again.

Now I should go finish getting ready for work so sleepy :P *hugsx

Nintama - Free! - Zatto and his bb’s - Watercolour doodles

Imagine your icon in swimming anime free!

Imagine your icon taking off their pants to reveal that they wear a swimsuit underneath.

I just had to lol. Yamamoto in the back I can’t lololol awww Kousaka lol and poor Sonnamon lol Zatto bb I love him <3333 

Nintama - Taki & Monjiro Cosplay

Taki Cosplayer - Maririnbobo X

Monjiro Cosplayer - Chibicloud X

To Nintama Fandom:

Me aka chibicloud and Onelittlemushroom are scanning all our Nintama doujinshi’s and will be uploading them weekly on to tumblr for everyone who would like a scan of them.

We won’t be doing this until after we’ve come back from London Expo and resettled but I wanted to show you some of the doujinshi’s that will available to download. I can’t photo them all cause half of them aren’t mine some of them are Ema’s (My bb I love her) hehe these are just the ones I own.

(Mari and Arma I haven’t photographed the ones I’m sending you guys :P its just in case I wide up finding more to send you <3 Loves you)

UNDER THE READMORE ARE PHOTOS OF THE DOUJINSHIS HEHE (I feel like I’m talking about wildlife and forgive my bad typing, I’m all fuzzy today XD)