London Expo - Monjirou Cosplay (Me)

Photo’s taken by the wonderful Chaz X

Nintama cosplay - Isaku zenpouji  - Mcm London Expo

Cosplayer - Me (Chibicloud)  X

Photographer - Chaz (manga-kachazchan) X

Nintama - Zatto and His bb Sonnamon

Nintama - Watercolour doodles: Sonnamon x Kousaka (one of many otps)

I really needed to do something fun after tidying and before work. 

I have a problem for a certain group of ninja O dear’s :P (I think you all know this by now and a shirobei problem ;p there just so much fun to draw I can’t even)

Sonnamon fell asleep in the middle picture lololol bbs god I adore them so much *sobs having feels again.

Now I should go finish getting ready for work so sleepy :P *hugsx

Nintama - Free! - Zatto and his bb’s - Watercolour doodles

Imagine your icon in swimming anime free!

Imagine your icon taking off their pants to reveal that they wear a swimsuit underneath.

I just had to lol. Yamamoto in the back I can’t lololol awww Kousaka lol and poor Sonnamon lol Zatto bb I love him <3333 

Nintama - Taki & Monjiro Cosplay

Taki Cosplayer - Maririnbobo X

Monjiro Cosplayer - Chibicloud X

To Nintama Fandom:

Me aka chibicloud and Onelittlemushroom are scanning all our Nintama doujinshi’s and will be uploading them weekly on to tumblr for everyone who would like a scan of them.

We won’t be doing this until after we’ve come back from London Expo and resettled but I wanted to show you some of the doujinshi’s that will available to download. I can’t photo them all cause half of them aren’t mine some of them are Ema’s (My bb I love her) hehe these are just the ones I own.

(Mari and Arma I haven’t photographed the ones I’m sending you guys :P its just in case I wide up finding more to send you <3 Loves you)

UNDER THE READMORE ARE PHOTOS OF THE DOUJINSHIS HEHE (I feel like I’m talking about wildlife and forgive my bad typing, I’m all fuzzy today XD)


Shirobei watercolour dump:

These are the highlights of me ill doodling :P I attempted some Clone wars stuff as well but I mucked up on them, I managed to doodle some of my bb, Shirobei tho because I love him.

This guy can blink with his pupils, bad ass beauty. Anyway I would like to keep in the habit of uploading art I like because I get so hide everything if I don’t haha and then I wouldn’t be able to sell stuff when I go expo in Oct. (I also need to do loads of art to sell first, o dears :P)

Omg Shirobei is so adorbs I can’t even, bb <333333