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If you’re wondering who the other characters are, they appear on the story from this same artist, which you can find on the following links:









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I think Isaku is manly as fuck.

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omg omg omg omg omg

Kema and Isaku banged in ep 71 can not unsee omg omg omg omg freaking the fuck out O T fucking P *squeeeeee

Hardcore omg



And with that I should really go to bed before I feel the need to watch Free again. lol

My mom saw the dramatic strip off and I couldn’t stop laughing at her face it was priceless. The best thing was I could tell she was thinking ‘Well they don’t do that in Fullmetal Alchemist and Bleach’ It’s weird I could tell that’s what she was thinking. Lololololol

I’m still dying.

And the images in my head of Zatto in a swimming anime are also killing me I can’t deal, lol I’d love to see Monji and Kema have a swim off lolololol I can’t I’m laughing to hard again FML Imagine how competitive they would get o lord I want it lol lets hope they don’t drown each other fighting lolololol I need to stop.

night night bbs sleep well.

Nintama - Free! - Zatto and his bb’s - Watercolour doodles

Imagine your icon in swimming anime free!

Imagine your icon taking off their pants to reveal that they wear a swimsuit underneath.

I just had to lol. Yamamoto in the back I can’t lololol awww Kousaka lol and poor Sonnamon lol Zatto bb I love him <3333 



no one touches Monji’s mushrooms.

Gin Gin.


Hello everyone!! Here’s the new episode of nintama

21-55 六年生のキノコとりの段

And also the masterpost has been updated. Just head right here in case you missed and episode.

Enjoy :)