To Nintama Fandom:

Me aka chibicloud and Onelittlemushroom are scanning all our Nintama doujinshi’s and will be uploading them weekly on to tumblr for everyone who would like a scan of them.

We won’t be doing this until after we’ve come back from London Expo and resettled but I wanted to show you some of the doujinshi’s that will available to download. I can’t photo them all cause half of them aren’t mine some of them are Ema’s (My bb I love her) hehe these are just the ones I own.

(Mari and Arma I haven’t photographed the ones I’m sending you guys :P its just in case I wide up finding more to send you <3 Loves you)

UNDER THE READMORE ARE PHOTOS OF THE DOUJINSHIS HEHE (I feel like I’m talking about wildlife and forgive my bad typing, I’m all fuzzy today XD)


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進撃の六年生 by ぼんこ
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Isaku & Kema fanfic dabble: (forgive any miss placed words sometimes my brain dies and I like to write when I can’t draw hehe)

Isaku sat silently watching the clouds float by one by one all different shapes and sizes, Leaving dark shadows across the grass. The air was cool and damp against his skin sending shivers down his spine, he looked out across the grassed area wondering what time it was and how long he’d been sitting in the cold. The sun had set hours ago or a least it felt like hours, his mind was filled with thoughts that stopped him from sleeping and he hoped watching the clouds might relax him a little. The week before had been a mixture of horror and dread, so many people injured and so many left for dead. A small town turned into a battlefield. Isaku relived the moments of each live slipping though his fingers and the feeling of helplessness he felt.

In the end Kema had to drag him to safety. Grasping him firmly around his waist and lifting him from the floor he carried him. Isaku couldn’t recall anything after that he just remembered the feeling of his body going numb and his mind going blank.

The next thing he could remember was clutching desperately to Kema’s chest, Pulling firm hand fulls of his clothing as he wrenched out his anger and frustration, he barely noticed the gentle touch of Kema’s hands down his neck and back or the slight tremble in his voice when he spoke trying to comfort him.

Isaku closed his eyes, taking a deep and steady breath before he stood slowly glancing up at the moon before returning to his room.

He opened the door quietly, looking instantly at Kema’s sleeping form. All he could define in the darkness was the shape of Kema’s messy hair and the shape his back turned towards him. Isaku let out a small smile before shutting the door behind him. He disregarded the idea of sleeping in his own futon and gently lay next to Kema nuzzling his nose between his shoulder and neck, wrapping his arms around him. Kema let out a soft moan as he stirred and shuffled closer taking one of Isaku’s Hands in his own as he dozed back to sleep. Isaku grinned again against Kema’s skin and shut his eyes drifting off slowly.

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The Nintama Rantarou 21st Season Masterpost


This post will contain all the episodes that have been shared so far.

  1. めげない二人の段 —- HQ Online
  2. 七松先輩のようになりたいの段 —- HQ Online
  3. 二人の学級委員長の段 —- HQ Online
  4. 笑ってお別れの段 —- HQ Online
  5. 雑渡昆奈門を守れ!の段 —- HQ Online
  6. 火縄銃の仕組みを学ぼうの段
  7. 川をわたる術の段
  8. きり丸を見習うの段
  9. 立派な人間の段
  10. 立ちすぐり居すぐりの段
  11. お弁当、どこで食べる?の段 —- HQ Online
  12. 明るい一年ろ組の段
  13. うずら隠れの術の段
  14. カラクリうちわの段
  15. 怒りのリリーの段
  16. 富士山の夢の段
  17. よこしまな考えの段
  18. 一年は組の学級新聞の段
  19. テストの点の原因の段
  20. オリジナルの制服の段


Normal Quality: Part1 | Part2 | Part3

High Quality Online: HQ Part1 | HQ Part2

Nintama Radio Special: Part1 | Part2

I’ll update the list each weekend

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Woooo I&#8217;ve been playing all day trying to get my mood happy again so why not draw some topless Monji :P and play with edits. Never done anything like this before was really fun hehe.
Happy because Monji nipple XD &lt;333333
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