Nintama - Fifth Year bbs - Copic Markers. 
Finally doing none lazy art : ) I’ve never drawn all the fifth years before, urghhh this was so much fun to do. Sorry I had to photography it after Xmas I will buy a new scanner and printer : ) The original is a bit darker than this <3
While I was colouring this I kept stopping and laughing at the fact I accidentally made Fuwa and Hachiya stare lovingly at each other, I keep having the urge to push their heads together lol
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匿名 sent: Nice gifs. May I ask which Nintama's episode is this: chibicloud_tumblr_com/post/10057431548

awww thank you *hugs <333 it’ from the nintama movie : ) I sadly don’t have the download link but Arma might, here is there tumblr

They are lovely so if they can help I’m sure they will : ) I hope this helps and thank you again for you comment on my gifs *hugs <3333

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I’m having to many otp feels from all directions щ(ಥДಥщ)


Hello everyone!! Here’s this week episodes of nintama from season 16.

16-56 好きなものを食べるの段

16-57 大借り物競走の段

16-58 近道は危険の段

16-59 忍者を引退するの段

Only one episode is missing because it seems that the stream had some problems that day. I will add it to the master post once i download it from tudou.

Hope you enjoy :)

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Today I watched a ep of nintama with Shirobei in.

It’s all over once I Shirobei there is no going back, that beautiful child who blinks with his pupils is ruining my health.

Not to mention the other sexy assholes who give me a lady boner… urgh dicks I swear my little ticker can’t take it lol (I’m not even going to list them you all know well enough who.. well I know Arma, Mari and Em do any way.)

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some on in the nintama fandom please stop me from being lazy and make me do some edit gifs and art I keep cock blocking my self ;A;

someone shake me or something it’s one of my fave shows ;A;

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onelittlemushroom sent: DUDE, NINTAMA

Nintama :P Thank you ema love youu

The first character I first fell in love with - Lol Monji I just can’t even with him his beautiful.

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now - Shirobei ;A; sweet beautiful bumpkin I love him. HE BLINKS WITH HIS PUPILS ;A;

The character everyone else loves that I don’t - ;A; I love them all I can’t think o anyone nintama bbs are beautiful little ninja angels. lol

The character I love that everyone else hates - I adore Zatto and his bbs alot but I don’t think there hated. I think most of the fandom love them to. Again nintama bbs are loved ;p

The character I used to love but don’t any longer - None still love all of them mwhahahaha

The character I would totally smooch - LOLOLOL I can’t list them theres to many. I’d totally smooch Kema tho and Monji and Don’t even start me on doi. lolol

The character I’d want to be like - mm I would say Isaku but I’m already like him so thats funny. lol

The character I’d slap - I couldn’t slap them haha

A pairing that I love - Isaku x Kema I can’t even with them. There just adorbs and totally need more doujins.

A pairing that I despise - I can’t think of any lol I think I get confussed with Taki and Koheita shipping, Most likely cause I don’t know whats going on most of the time :p

love you em <3333

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Right I’ve decided to start uploading art stuff on this blog again:


I’ll start this week I stopped because all my tags where broken so I’m going to retest it again and use it I’m hoping it works now haha.

(but I want to use the other blog because some of the stuff I draw doesn’t suit my main blog so I either don’t upload it or I get all urghhh at layout stuff lol I hate the fact I’m fussy.)

You’ll might start seeing me upload OC stuff as well as Shingeki no kyojin, Nintama, D gray man and Saiyuki art urghhhh I really want to art now. *happy rolls.

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