D.Gray-Man : Allen Walker - Watercolour

Naruto watercolour doodle:

It’s not finished but painting this small is a nightmare lol It’s been fun playing tho. (forgive the photo my lighting in my rooms shitty)

One of my fave Otp’s is Gaara and Naruto, I love them, (then again I ship to many in this show same for Nintama and Gintama ;A;)

Shirobei watercolour dump:

These are the highlights of me ill doodling :P I attempted some Clone wars stuff as well but I mucked up on them, I managed to doodle some of my bb, Shirobei tho because I love him.

This guy can blink with his pupils, bad ass beauty. Anyway I would like to keep in the habit of uploading art I like because I get so hide everything if I don’t haha and then I wouldn’t be able to sell stuff when I go expo in Oct. (I also need to do loads of art to sell first, o dears :P)

Omg Shirobei is so adorbs I can’t even, bb <333333

D-Gray Man Fanart Preview. 

These are what I’ve been working on today, well sections of them anyway. Because of my markers having no ink left I’ve started using watercolour’s again, its really run but I keep forgetting how to use them.

My hands a little shaken now so I’m stopping for today but i really wanted to share what I’ve been up to. Looking at old art of these two made me what to re-draw them now I’ve Improved. (Old college art scares me ;A;)

Woooo I’ve been playing all day trying to get my mood happy again so why not draw some topless Monji :P and play with edits. Never done anything like this before was really fun hehe.

Happy because Monji nipple XD <333333

Nintama Sketch dump -

This is a mixture of sketches I’ve done through-out the day, It’s been a rather good day for doodling, One day I’ll do comics and colour art until then I might be uploading alot of doodle dumps (once I start Nintama doodles I can’t stop drawing haha). There is a mixture of R-18 stuff and pg because of my mega pervy mood I’ve been in for the late few days. Enjoy.

(all Images are under the read more option due to sexual themes, If you don’t like boy love/yaoi I wouldn’t look).  :P

Ps drawing Monji killed my hand must be because of how sexual he is.


Nintama Animation doodle: 

I’ve been wanting to animate something for ages but I still haven’t brought a light box yet and I can’t really use my drawing tablet well. 

In the end I just had to dabble anyway, I gave in. 

And then Otp feels, because their married and I love them …. I want more of them. I have a problem…..

I has been Nintama doodling before bed this week, even though there just idea sketches I wanted to share them. It’s been awhile since I did stuff for this show I’ve missed it so much ;A;

I didn’t want to spam art so I put them under the read more option.


A couple Nintama and TOV doodles of today. (I have my graduation tomorrow drawing is one of the only things I’ve been able to do all day.)