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Garrus: Over the years I've grown used to the smell of burning bodies.
Grunt: Anyone else hungry? No...
Garrus: You might want to keep comments like that to yourself, Grunt. Krogans are unpopular enough already.
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Garrus: You sure you want to play this game?
James: What’s the matter, Vakarian , you chicken?
Garrus: I don’t even know what that is – though I’ve heard everything in the galaxy tastes like it.
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Shepard: Garrus? *knocks on main batt door* Do you wanna build a snowman?
Garrus: What the hell is a snowman?
Shepard: —Come on and let's go shoot shit. I never see you anymore, come out the door. It's like you've gone away!
Garrus: Can this wait for a bit? I'm in the middle of some calibr—
Garrus: We still ar—
Shepard: —AND NOW WE'RE NOT.
Garrus: ...Later, Shepard.
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I didn’t think about them for ages but today I indulged myself on youtube and euhhh old feels were recalled ._.
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Freaking hell Javik just gave me a heart attack, urghhh I was playing the Leviathan DLC and my friend asked me to pick Javik because she loves him and suddenly out of no where he jumps at me, full on jumps at me, not in the normal jumping fashion he hard core launched at me. It was distressing. Every time you turned he was there and scaring the crap of me but he did keep talking to me which was nice as apposed to my boyfriend who said nothing and left me surrounded by husks and banshees.

At least Javik tried. (I’m starting to think I glitched the game and somehow I’ve shifted to having Javik as my boyfriend instead)

o yeah and suddenly I died, not from being hit or anything. He just died.  At least I know my Shepard can have heart attacks.

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