Wash: alright doc I want to ask you a few questions
Doc: where the red guys go?
Doc: did they get away?
Wash: Quiet I’m asking you the questions you’re not asking me
Doc: what kind of questions?
Wash: hey I just said no questions
Doc: can I ask questions later?
Wash: DOC
Doc: what … o that’s a question sorry go ahead
Wash: you know what get him out of there I can’t talk to him like this
Maine: *growls
Doc: what’re you…stop it
Maine: *growls
Wash: what? Well try pulling harder then
Maine: *growls
Doc: be gentle be gentle
Maine: *growls
Wash: well grab lower near the centre of gravity
Maine: *growls
Doc: you’ve got cold hands
Wash: try the cod piece
Maine: *growls
Wash: ooo were all adults here
Maine: *growls
Wash: no I don’t want to try
Doc: don’t repress your feelings
Wash: I can’t interrogate him like this … its ridiculous … I can’t believe I have to deal with this