This is what happens when I’m screen capping and see things with no audio lolololol

sorry this is what came into my head while watching it in slow mo lololololol i cant

Poor Wooley 

'Gotta get me some of that'  *checking out Cody's everything 

'Wait' *sensing sexual tension 

*Processing new found facts

'Damn it' 

poor Wooley, now all I can see is him following Cody around and lusting after him, and head cannon that he has curly hair lolololol

welcome to what goes on in my head 

Commander Cody: Rex is a smart man.
Obi Wan Kenobi: indeed. always thinking on his feet.
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Welcome to the family Commander Fox <3 
Today commander fox came though the post, I am so happy, he is beautiful ;A;, I wanted to play about with him (sounds rude I know lol), introduce him to his brothers, I’ve never taken photo’s of these figures before and thought I’d share seeing though I’m so happy. 
I returned to the living room to find Rex and soil in the box he came in, the little darlings, always finding some way to have fun bless them. 
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I’ve been in countless battles and lost many brothers… they were my family…my home. - Captain Rex 
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