The clone wars (Animated Series) - Favorite Star Wars Movie.

I stalked a clone around expo.

Under readmore are photos.


"If you wanted experince, little one, it looks like you’re about to get plenty." - Captain Rex, 501st.

 Clone Wars movie gif set 1.

I need to start uploading art again to try and get out of this ‘must hide everything’ mind set, so here it is :P. 

The first picture is from mine and onelittlemushroom’s AU :P well maybe AU, but we think Boil returns to Numa after 10 years maybe sooner and she follows him on his travels (I won’t say any more, you’ll have to wait until I’ve done this Trailer animation for it, may take awhile though, but I’ll get it done.) 

Second Picture is a practice drawing, Rex/Ahsoka happy and it’s shippy mwhaha, (sorry if you don’t ship it, but I hardcore do, so expect me to do a lot of it because I love them so much.) 

This is what happens when I’m screen capping and see things with no audio lolololol

sorry this is what came into my head while watching it in slow mo lololololol i cant

Poor Wooley 

'Gotta get me some of that'  *checking out Cody's everything 

'Wait' *sensing sexual tension 

*Processing new found facts

'Damn it' 

poor Wooley, now all I can see is him following Cody around and lusting after him, and head cannon that he has curly hair lolololol

welcome to what goes on in my head