I need to start uploading art again to try and get out of this ‘must hide everything’ mind set, so here it is :P. 

The first picture is from mine and onelittlemushroom’s AU :P well maybe AU, but we think Boil returns to Numa after 10 years maybe sooner and she follows him on his travels (I won’t say any more, you’ll have to wait until I’ve done this Trailer animation for it, may take awhile though, but I’ll get it done.) 

Second Picture is a practice drawing, Rex/Ahsoka happy and it’s shippy mwhaha, (sorry if you don’t ship it, but I hardcore do, so expect me to do a lot of it because I love them so much.) 

Waxer and Boil Sketches (R18 Yaoi / BL)

I just wanted to upload some of my doodles I’ve been none stop drawing since ema got me addicted to clone wars lololololol :P  I’ve never drawn sexual things before but I thought I’d have a go haha , always been to shy to 030, The R18 stuff is small but if you don’t like yaoi/boy love i wouldn’t look lolololol