I’ve done a couple of make up tests this week one for Castiel (SPN) and the Other for Ahsoka (CW) I’ll upload a couple of photo’s of each under the read more option : ) (Any tips and feedback would be wonderful I really want to improve if I can *hugs


Rexsoka - Dabble

Ahsoka placed her hand gently on the injured Clone’s helmet trying to think of a way to remove it without causing him distress. She was worried, not just for the injured Clone but for all of them in general.

She couldn’t help but let her thoughts wonder to Rex.

what was he doing?

was he okay?

what if?

She shuck her head quickly as if she trying to shake the thoughts out of her head. She missed him and she wanted him back beside her.

She wanted to talk to him. Laugh with him. She wanted to feel his skin under her finger tips and hold him. To tell him that she loved him and needed him forbidden or not. she sighed to her self shaking her head again.

The Clone chuckled.

"If you shake your head any harder it’ll come off… I’m not that bad am I Mam?

For second Ahsoka looked confused before she remembered where she was and what she was doing. She allowed herself a brief smile before patting him gently on the shoulder “no your ok” she said “whats your name?”

"Fix" he said cheerfully


“Because I fix things” he added suddenly.

"okay" Ahsoka laughed "then lets get you fixed up"

Rex was fighting.

Rex was shaking.

Rex was hurting.

It would have broken her heart to see him this time.

Because Rex had never once cried in front of her.

Ahsoka reached up hesitantly. Her heart pounding in her chest. She couldn’t believe he was still alive. She trembled slightly as she ran her hand softly against his cheek. His breath hitched a little, Ahsoka wondered if he was in pain, wondered if it was her causing him pain but the moment he looked her in the eyes she knew. They needed each other. As friends, As lovers, neither mattered anymore as long as they had each other.

"I’ve got your back little’un" Rex smiled.

"And I’ve got yours Captain." She allowed her self a brief smile before wrapping her arms around his neck and feeling his arms close gently around her in an embrace. Her smile widened, ‘yes’ she thought ‘either way is fine as long as i can protect him.’

The Soldier who fell in love with the Jedi. 

I’m in a arty upload mood ;p so here’s another one of my Rexsoka sketches. I won’t have much time to draw over Christmas everything is crazy hectic here but I will continue uploading some of the sketches I’ve done so far *hugs. 

Under the cut due to nudity and sexual themes (haha i’ve always wanted to type that lololololol)