- Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?! Why did you hide it?! Why?!
- Because I knew you would cry.

Everyone keeps talking about it, but I don’t see anything….maybe it’s because I don’t use the missing E. I have no clue :(
Ema doesn’t have missing E it’s horrid what they have changed it to. They better change it back, its not user friendly at all. You can’t reblog text posts with out all the HTML poping up first, when you reblog something from your likes it takes you straight off you likes back to your dash and reopens the post as reblog again even though you’ve just reblogged it. ITS A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE ;A;
mine hasn’t changed yet not looking forward to when it does.
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I’m still trying to get use to doing digital art, but what better way to practice than preving on clones haha  <333333

but saddly i cant do anymore before work sobs, i need to do a few things in a bit ahhh noooo lololol hopefully i wont see the jackass tonight lolololololololololololol <3333333