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XD wooo i feel loved lol i was tagged again <3333

i’ll think of ten new things about me *dancesxx i’ll put the other one below this one XD *squeeee

luki79 asked me *glompsx
Tag, you’re it!

Here are the rules:

Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves. You have to choose and tag ten people. Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them. No tagbacks!

1.) i want to cosplay so many characters, but so far only cosplayed Allen walker from DGM

2.) i have frogs in my garden, i love watching them

3.) i want to make kyumin ball jointed doll’s and supernaturals castiel and dean dolls lol i might need to win some money first XD

4.)i’m 21 years old

5.) i really want to travel around the world and learn a few Languages Korean and Japanese are my main focus lol and maybe French XD

6.) i use to go dancing lesson’s, but i quit because of job and uni, but i’ll go back and try to get my teaching awards

7.)i love colours XD

8.) when my friend Ema is near me i become extra lazy so she’ll feed me food lol

9.) my room’s full of manga, games and figures

10.) i have a white hair fetish and a demon and angel fetish  XD

Tag i did before XD,

1.) I’m a type of person that caves under pressure and gets stressed easy.

2.) i have a bad habit of saying sorry when something goes wrong 0-0 even tho i didn’t do anything i still feel like i did lol.

3.) something everyone knows I’m a perv, even people that don’t know me know <333333.

4.) my fave games are final fantasy 7, madly obsessed with cloud strife…. i wear his earrings everyday… lol like a wedding ring, and Devil may cry 3, fave TV show supernatural, fave band suju, fave films way to many lol and fave manga d gray man.

5.) i do illustration, and have a mini blog on blogspot for it 0_0 i dont have much on there but here’s the link anyway

6.) if i see a small animal by a road i’ll try to make it go somewhere else or if its a frog i take them home and put them in the garden

7.) i always look for the good in people, that’s why people get worried when i go out alone -3-

8.) i still sleep with my first teddy bear, and i put my BJDs in bed to, i also talk to them a lot 0_0 mom thinks I’ve lost it

9.) i have my baby teeth still and my laugh is filthy 0-0

10.) i love my tum tum bb’s i think about them everyday, i miss them when i’m away T-T

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