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it’s a little peculiar that most people look similar to their favorite characters

even if it’s just something small like their nose or their eyes

there is some sort of resemblance


Weaving through the spaces of the hordes of buildings burning in the summer heat,
We’ll eventually descend, pulling that trigger at the very end.

Its pale yellow… Your voice.
Twelve (Zankyou no Terror)

I got put down for a double shift at work today and no one told me which means I’m late and they had to change my timing when I’m in and what not. I have to say I’m a little bit annoyed but at least on the bright side it’s a little bit more money to cover my Christmas mini shop I did this morning (I wasn’t going to start until after con but I had to get them : ) I also need to look for some presents while there so it’s Con saving time, If there is Haikyuu merc there I’m going to go frantic haha)  I am super sleepy today I think I’m just going to drop off to sleep on my feet and dream of fictional character’s like always :p

Ps: Always when I’m doing something Nintama related must I be cockblocked!! lol

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when i can’t breathe, you’ll be the air // an asanoya mix

1. love like a sunset - phoenix
2. you never give up - william beckett
3. summertime of our lives - cody simpson
4. shiver shiver - walk the moon
5. i need your love - ellie goulding
6. wild country - wake owl
7. sweet disposition - the temper trap
8. i wanna be free - panic! at the disco
9. holy ground - taylor swift
10. here (in your arms) - hellogoodbye
11. i want to know your plans - say anything
12. always - panic! at the disco


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Hey…remember us…remember…that we lived.
Arata Kokonoe/Nine - Zankyou no Terror (via baka-treasure)
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Zankyou No Terror Episode 11 Ending “Bless”