y’all can have the dirtiest headcanons for characters of this show but they’re all fictional while only ONE THING IS CANON

let us never forget the time rin cleaned ai’s desk and found his porn


baby duckling’s outran y’all

Fun fact, the pink porn books in japan are for women. This is a gay porn magazine.


u: i dont like ur favorite character
me: ok cool ur opinion. 100%. this respect.
me irl: wtf the fuck..............
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Intense Walrus Sobs
Every Otaku that watched Anime from the 2014 Summer Season (via pinkproteinpowder)
"You’ll definitely make it happen."


are people still doing that otp au thing because: 

  • model/designer au
  • rival research scientists au
  • idol (musician)/fan au
  • washed out middle aged salaryperson/personal trainer au
  • gorgeous librarian who has great book recs au
  • childhood friends who haven’t seen each other in years au
  • stage magician/assistant
  • bartender and a regular that drinks all their problems 
  • business partners
  • merpeople and fisher-persons
  • humanoid robot and inventor
  • person you always streetpass on ac
  • fake married as part of a spy mission
  • next to each other on a 13+ hour flight
  • bonded over an mmo
  • accidentally brought home the wrong child
  • gets so flustered by the cute pet store employee that they keep buying dog food even though they have no pets


*panties off already*

Artist: Yoko Kanno
Album: Zankyou no Terror
Track: walt
Plays: 242
haru: *constantly pushed and stressed out over anxieties and worries to the point of losing focus of what he loves*
rin: *takes him away from that bad place*
rin: *takes his mind off of everything*
rin: *apologizes for being one of the people to stress him out*
rin: *talks to him calmly and brings up happy memories*
rin: *makes haru genuinely happy*
rin: *THEN shows him something great to help him think about his future*
haru: *realizes what he's wanted all along, not just because he saw a fucking pool*
morons in the fandom: THis EpisODE WAS sihT!!!! KYONAI IS TtraSH!! HARU hadN O develoPEMENT!!1111!!!! here is my novel length essay explaining why!! i didn't grasp anything from the past two seasons!

Union Creative are doing our Zankyou no Terror boys! 
A teaser photo from their FB/Twitter! 

teacher: whats nine plus twelve
me: terrorism