Artist: Motoi Sakuraba
Album: Tales of Symphonia Original Soundtrack (Disc 4 - Memories of Tethe'Alla)
Track: Defeat the Angel
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Track: Defeat the Angel

Composed by: Motoi Sakuraba

Game: Tales of Symphonia


Haikyuu!! poster filled with fan messages to commemorate the end of the anime.

Well, we have to get [Doc] away from Grif, because… yeah, you know, it’s kinda cruel and unusual to have to talk to him.

Simmons, “The Joy of Toggling”

Yeah, okay, Simmons. Because it’s cruel and unusual. Got it.

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I decided to make an art (mainly digital art) masterpost with all my bookmarks since they were starting to become a huge mess. It has some other stuff too… I’m doing this for me but maybe someone finds this stuff useful too:-) xx

Art blogs

Animation blogs 


Digital Art blogs 

Digital Drawing Tutorials

Digital Drawing brushes 

Traditional Art Drawing Tutorials

Drawing Reference

Youtube accounts with tutorials & speed-painting

Pinterest is great for inspiration! (awesome art boards)

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No one plays Mass Effect and says ‘whoa, this violence. It’s really inflaming my inner serial killer.’ No, they play Mass Effect and then they cry.
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Book 1 - Water: The Boy in the IcebergThe Avatar ReturnsThe Southern Air TempleThe Warriors of KyoshiThe King of Omashu ImprisionedWinter Solstice Part 1 - The Spirit World ⋅ Winter Solstice Part 2 - Avatar RokuThe Waterbending ScrollJetThe Great DivideThe StormThe Blue Spirit The FortunetellerBato of the Water TribeThe Deserter The Northern Air TempleThe Waterbending MasterThe Siege of the North - Part 1The Siege of the North - Part 2

Book 2 - Earth: The Avatar StateThe Cave of Two LoversReturn to Omashu The SwampAvatar Day The Blind BanditZuko AloneThe ChaseBitter WorkThe Library The DesertJourney to Ba Sing Se, Part 1 - The Serpent’s PassJourney to Ba Sing Se, Part 2 - The DrillCity of Walls and SecretsThe Tales of Ba Sing Se Appa’s Lost DaysLake Laogai The Earth King The Guru The Crossroads of Destiny

Book 3 - Fire: The AwakeningThe HeadbandThe Painted Lady Sokka’s MasterThe BeachThe Avatar and the FirelordThe RunawayThe PuppetmasterNightmares and DaydreamsThe Day of Black Sun Part 1 - The InvasionThe Day of Black Sun Part 2 - The EclipseThe Western Air Temple The Firebending MastersThe Boiling Rock, Part 1The Boiling Rock, Part 2The Southern RaidersThe Ember Island Players Sozin’s Comet, Part 1 - The Phoenix KingSozin’s Comet, Part 2 - The Old MastersSozin’s Comet, Part 3 - Into the InfernoSozin’s Comet, Part 4 - Avatar Aang

Extras: Un-Aired PilotChibi Short - Swamp Skiin’ ThrowdownChibi Short - School Time Shipping Chibi Short - Bending Battle Animated Graphic Novel - Escape from the Spirit World 40.5

Comics: (Read these after watching the first series; You will also need to download ComicRack in order to read them) The Promise (Issues 1-3)The Search (Issues 1-3)
Republic City Hustle Shorts: Episode 1 ⋅ Episode 2 ⋅ Episode 3

The Legend of Korra: Book 1 - Air: Click here to download

The Legend of Korra: Book 2 - Spirit: Click here to download
The Legend of Korra: Book 3 - Change: Click here to download
Everything is up to date, in 720p, and logoless. I will update the post as new episodes of The Legend of Korra air. I’ve also included download links to all of the comics that have been released. I will also update them as soon as the new issues are scanalated. Enjoy!
Imagine Your OTP:


the much shorter person A of your otp decides they’re going to fuck person B up against a wall but they can’t reach so they have to get a fucking box to stand on and the box keeps squeaking away on the tile floor so person A keeps having to get down and push the box forward a little bit and person B is so in love that they’re just laughing about it and eventually they bend their knees a little so person A can reach and person A gets off and then puts too much of their weight on B so B just falls on the floor and they just devolve into a laughing pile of gay

How beautiful it is here, to be sure, but how difficult to paint! I can see what I want to do quite clearly but I’m not there yet. It’s so clear and pure in its pinks and blues that the slightest misjudged stroke looks like a smear of dirt.”

Morning at Antibes, Claude Monet